Athene Noctua Showcase at Pop Up Backstage

Gladly I'm happy to announce the kickoff showcase for my new music & art project called 'Athene Noctua' (

A new collaboration between music performers & producers, photo & video artists, graphic artists and any kind of individual artistic side project can be. All these elements come together to create the platform to shape music and arts in Athens, the city where we're living, loving & parting. I hope that 'Athene Noctua' shares lots of momments of joy to those be here with us from the beggining!

For the first music event, I'll be lined up with my partners in 'Athene Noctua', Hermes Martines & Nicolò. For more info about them and their work, check out the links below! My hope is to reach everyone of you and see you in short term!!!

Event info:

More info about line up: